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Mahtab Abdollahi graduated with a Bachelor of Arts (BA)  in Fine Art (1998) and completed her Masters of Arts (MA)  in Illustration from Fine Art University (2003). She studied Graphic Design in George Brown College and graduated  with honours in 2009. She has participated in numerous group and nine solo  exhibitions, including the National Gallery of Canadian  Drawings online. She is also a board member of NGA, the Newmarket Group of Artists. She teaches watercolour,  drawing and painting to adults and children.

Lidia Alghoul a self-trained resin artist and crafter and she love’s creating unique, mixed media resin art pieces in her studio.The first time she saw geode resin art, she was mesmerized and decided instantly she wanted to create this!

Geode resin art combines her love for creating beautiful art with unbridled fascination with crystal gemstones.

Carlo Allion received his formal training in Fine Art, Philosophy, Mythology, and Photography at Centennial College in Toronto from 1978 to 1981. A full-time Artist since 2008 with over 100 juried Art Exhibitions and Gallery representation Carlo has established himself as an accomplished mid-career Artist in the industry. The subject matter in his work varies from Canadian Landscapes to Abstract and Figurative presented in a unique contemporary style.

Valerie Amadio     Valerie’s style is primarily abstract and non-objective, and her medium of preference is acrylic paint. Her creative process varies from using layers colour and texture as a vehicle for self-expression, to taking an idea or artistic impulse and allowing it to organically evolve on the canvas.

Dina Artman was born in Romania and grew up in Israel.  She was introduced to photography at a young age and her father was her inspiration. She enjoy’s creating mixed media pieces, utilizing digital photography and paint.
Most of her life she has been teaching computers and looking for the best way to combine technology, photography and art.
The pictures she creates combine all three.

Cathy Ball was born and raised in Orillia, ON and was drawn to art from a young age. Her mother enrolled her in adult painting class at the age of 10 and her passion for creativity in the arts blossomed from there. Her work reflects the inspiration she finds in the beauty of nature. Forest groves, waterfalls, fall colours, lakeshores, woodland trails, sunsets and sunrises, Northern Lights and many other natural landscape themes dominate her work. Working primarily in watercolour often with a variety of supportive media, Cathy channels the splendour of the natural world through her brush. As owner of a busy janitorial business, Cathy paints at every opportunity her schedule allows and strives to refine her creative expression with every stroke of the brush.

Robert Ball is a King City artist who specializes in Raku Clay masks.  He has lived in King since 1996 an this is where his artistic career began. Robert has gone through many sculpture mediums including wood carving, stone, and for the last 5 years has discovered Raku. Robert focuses on faces in the form of masks for wall hanging or free standing sculpture.

Ed Bartram (passed away August 25, 2019), was one of Canada’s foremost painter/printmakers, has consistently found his source of inspiration to be the rugged northern landscape of the Precambrian Shield.  Unlike his predecessors, such as the Group of Seven, Bartram explores contemporary techniques and influences to focus upon the abstract and dynamic elements in the landscape. With his innovative techniques, he effectively captures the powerful forces which were at work during the formation of Georgian Bay’s metamorphic bedrock.

Bonnie Bews was born in 1967 and raised in Queensville, a rural farm community in Southern Ontario, Canada. There she developed her imagination and keen sense of observation. During 1986 -1988 Bonnie attended Georgian College of applied Arts and Technology, Barrie, Ontario. She graduated recieving a 2nd year scholarship in creative arts. In 1990 Bonnie backpacked to Austrialia and througout Europe. While sketching in a piazza in Germany, she was approached by artist, Rudolf Schmid. This prominent Bavarian Glass painter showed an interest in Bews’ style of work and offered her an apprenticeship at his studio  Bonnie accepted this unique opportunity and returned to Germany in 1992 to discover a whole new medium including Hinterglas. Bonnie now reside in Muskoka, Ontario.

Michael Blom is an artist who specializes in wood. After spending many years selling and servicing something that he didn’t make, Mike now finds exhilaration in creating with hardwoods.  Every piece is a part of him, in its design and construction. When you create… it’s never just work.

Karen Bowen’s passion for nature, science and design can be seen in the representations of scenic beauty and in the evocative contrasts and complements of pattern found in her artwork.  Using oils and acrylics on canvas as well as mosaics, Karen takes expressive and spiritual inspiration from niches in the worlds’ ecosystems. “The reward, as an artist, biologist and writer, is to have us consider the Earth less haughtily, more as admirers and caretakers…..and to enjoy the human virtues of innovation, storytelling and free design.” Karen L Bowen was born in Toronto, Ontario. She and her husband have raised three wonderful children on the banks of the Holland River and in the countryside of King Township. Karen pent 26 years teaching Biology and math in York Region. Now, she steals time away from work and duty to explore her creative side and to forge an Act 2, through art and writing.

Marianne Broome was born in England but spent much of her childhood in Malaysia. The stunning scenery and abundance of exotic animals and plants heightened her love of nature and keen interest in drawing and painting. Her artwork was selling in local galleries and department stores while she was still a teenager. Marianne settled in Canada in 1980 and lives in the beautiful countryside near Toronto, Ontario.

George Burt is an artist specializing in wood turning who uses natural found items such as cedar rail, and local fallen trees, offering a variety of styles and unique colours to his bowls, vases, pens, and figurines. George started turning wood in the late 1980’s.  His first dried flower vases were turned from cedar rail farm fencing.  He allows the wood grain to influence the shape and size of every piece, so  no two pieces are ever alike.

Muriel Chestnut is an equestrian coach by trade and didn’t realize she was harbouring a talent for painting until 2 years ago. After a fairly serious motorcycle accident left her with a severely fractured leg, she was forced to turn her attention away from the horses and towards her innate love of art. She attributes her new found mode of expression to a little bar in Barrie called “Canvas and Cabernet” where patrons can enjoy a glass of wine and are turned loose with a small canvas and some acrylic paint. What blossomed from that night was pure fate! Muriel found a mentor in the incredible floral artist Irina Gretchania, who helped her find her feet and gave her the wings to fly!

Giovannina (Joanne) Colalillo is an visual artist, Illustrator and art instructor with the Ontario Arts Council, King Museum and King Parks and Recreation.  Her award winning dynamic, vivid and fluid water soluble wax pastels and whimsical black and white ink illustrations have been produced for editorial, advertising, publishing, corporate, icons, design, conceptual, people, portraits, food/beverage, nature, products, children and animals. Her illustrations and artwork have ventured world wide appearing in various magazines, publications, books, corporate promotions, exhibits and private collections.

Paul Conlan lives and creates in Schomberg, Ontario and specializes in silversmith jewellery.

Alexandra K. Conrad is a professional fine art artist with over three decades of art creation experience; graduate with honours from Ontario College of Art and Design.  Alexandra paints various subjects: portraits, landscapes, cityscapes, nature and abstracts. Her mediums are mainly oil and acrylic in vibrant colours and thick paint applied with brush or palette knife. She enjoys other media as well.  Limited Editions Fine Art Reproductions of some of Alexandra’s paintings are available.

Inge Dam has been weaving for 34 years and in 1992 completed an in-depth study for Ontario Handweavers and Spinners to become a Master Weaver. The subject of the study was Iron Age Textiles from Northern Europe (the Iron Age was from 500 B.C. – A.D. 800). In the course of my study, she became interested in tablet (card) weaving. In excavations of Iron Age sites in Northern Europe (particularly in peat bogs and burial grounds), ancient textiles have been found with tablet woven borders. Through inspirations of these textiles, Inge now incorporates tablet weaving into fabrics by weaving the tablet borders and bands simultaneously with the fabric on the loom. From fabrics, scarves, shawls, jackets, and coats are created. She also makes unique bags from my leftover handwoven fabrics. In 2013, Inge published a book Tablet-Woven Accents for Designer Fabrics: Contemporary Uses for Ancient Techniques.

Brett Davis was born in Toronto, Ontario in 1957. He works in all aspects of ferrous and non-ferrous metals which include welding, fabrication, fountain design and patina. He has created public and commission based cast bronze sculpture for the private and public sector, for more than 25 years.

Self taught artists Deeni & Joe De Medeiros create all kinds of functional pieces from home & garden decor to wearable works of art. In 1998 Deeni decided to take up the lost art of Stained Glass. “Even though I knew little about it….my father Don Fenton was retired & taking a class, he gave me a few pointers & my passion was born.” Deeni already had a design background and with further reading & experimentation began designing original pieces right away. Joe, Deeni’s partner shared her love glass and took up the fine art of Woodworking & Blacksmithing to combine the three elements harmoniously and create beautiful functional interior spaces Since then “Our interests have grown…It seems there are not enough hours in a day.“

Sue DiGioacchino is an illustrator and designer, and finds herself looking for pattern, form and movement  nature-inspired subject matters. She enjoys working on a large scale which enables her to examine these elements more closely. Colour is important to Sue, and she typically works with a monochromatic or complementary colour scheme, executing mainly with acrylics and oils.  She believes there is beauty everywhere in nature and her job as an artist is to translate that beauty to the canvas for others to enjoy.  Sue is also the owner of The Patrick House Art Studio & Gallery, in Aurora, On. The Patrick House is a heritage home which has been converted to a public gallery and studio space. It serves as a venue for artists to showcase their work as well as a place for “non-artists” to come together and create in an intimate and inviting atmosphere. Offering fun workshops and teaching art is also a passion of mine and I believe creating art is a lifelong process for which anyone can enjoy. Van Gogh’s quote “Great things are done by a series of small things brought together”, are words which I live by.

Patricia Earl paints to convey the light, colour, and mood of what she sees and feels around her as Mother Nature so generously provides. She doesn’t have to travel far to find subjects that inspire her. She doesn’t have to travel far to find subjects that inspire her.  The gentle rolling hills, farmlands, forests, and wild flowers that she loves to paint are found in abundance in Ontario’s countryside, on the hiking trails, and in her own backyard. Some of her inspiration comes from her view from the backseat of our motorcycle as she and husband Jim travel the Ontario countryside or American southwest In studio, Pat enjoys painting with both acrylics and watercolours, but the latter especially appeals to her. She loves the freshness of the medium, and being able to apply and pour colours right on the paper, watching the painting evolve beneath my brush. Pat enjoys the constant challenge of keeping the white of the paper and using the transparency of watercolours to ultimately make the painting glow.

Maryam Ebrahimi is a professional artist with over two decades of Fine Arts experience both as a selling artist and teacher. She graduated with a Bachelors in Fine Arts in 1997 and obtained a Graphic Arts Diploma in 1989. Maryam has participated in numerous solo and group exhibits in Canada and overseas. Her favourite medium is acrylic paint. She is known for using vibrant colours and for her depth of layering. Her style is unique and engaging. Maryam teaches a variety of classes in watercolour pencil and acrylic to students of all ages and skill levels. She also prepares students applying to fine arts schools with their portfolio work and refinement of technique.

Jacqueline England was born in Nottingham, England, and was educated both in the U.K. and Canada. Jackie has been actively interested in the fine arts, and under the tutelage of Michael Spillane of the Spillaine Studio of Fine Arts. She has a special interest in producing photorealistic paintings of horses and wildlife, working in various media. As a young teen, while finishing her education in England, she spent many a long hour with her first love, horses. Upon returning to Canada, time was also spent raising, training and showing horses. Jackie worked for many years as a computer analyst and resides in the Streetsville/Mississauga area. Before making painting her primary interest, she was an established bear artist. Her unique hand-designed bears have appeared in numerous shows and gift shops throughout Ontario and have been featured in bear magazines throughout Canada, the United States and Britain.

Louise Garin paints in oil and acrylics. She travels extensively and takes many photographs and tries to capture the play of light and shadows in her landscapes, and sensitivity and emotion in her portraits. Louise is fascinated by the people, places and things that she encounters daily and hopes all can enjoy that feeling when viewing her paintings.

Debra Gibbs started on the Potters Wheel at age 16 learning with students and went on to graduate from Seneca College with a Visual Arts Instructor’s Diploma in 1981.  After successfully completing a four-year apprenticeship with a Master Potter of FINE Porcelain, she continued to teach pottery in her studio and showroom.  Debra’s Wheel Thrown FINE Porcelain dinnerware and gifts show in many galleries and stores including The McMichael Gallery Canadian Art Collection and The Art Gallery of Ontario.  While participating in Trade and Contemporary Craft shows she has won several awards of excellence for Master Quality Craftsmanship / Booth Design & Display.

Brigitte Granton is an award winning artist who paints landscapes in oil and acrylic paint.  She is drawn to the rolling hills of the Oak Ridges Moraine as well as the rugged landscapes of the Parry Sound/Muskoka area. Her works hang on banners throughout King and in private collections.

Tracey Lee Green says ‘wild is in her blood, wild is her connection to home, land, and her world.  Wild choose to express itself through the extension of her arm and  mind”.  This tenuous connection engaging through sand, through water, through pencils, pens, crayons, and paints, those images and emotions encapsulated in her imagination, that she can not articulate in any other way.   I choose wild. She chooses beauty, peace, expression through art, art gone wild.

Donna Greenstein is a realistic artist focusing mainly on farm animal and bird images.  Her oil paintings harken back to an earlier time when everyone knew how to ride a horse, milk a cow and name of all the species of birds flying around them.  She hopes that the viewer is touched by the emotion in her paintings.  Donna constantly looks at the world through artist’s eyes and thinks about her next painting.

Helen Hermanns  paints naturally, with intent, strict ideals and a thirst for constantly keeping depth and feel through the use of light in her paintings. She enjoys capturing the feel and beauty of horses in their natural surroundings or in work. Helen’s medium is oil on canvas or board.

Michelle Hudson, contemporary abstract artist, has chosen to honour her inner intuitive compass and create vibrant collections of ink paintings on Yupo paper – most notably, an abstract, impressionistic underwater series, an autumnal Ontario series and stunning florals.  Michelle’s creative impulses have led her to use unconventional tools to manipulate the inks, such as various blending solutions, bits of plastic, tubing and different kinds of compressed air.

Karen Hunter attended the Ontario College of Art in 1981 and after four years received her diploma in Design/General Design in 1985. In those years among many courses, she took three jewellery courses;  non-ferrous metal forming, and three enameling courses. Since graduating Karen has taken workshops in: Anodizing Titanium and Niobium, Photo Etching on Metal, Fold-Forming, Photograph Your Work, Lapidary, Hydraulic Press Forming, Blacksmithing.

Jim Jackson has been living in Aurora, Ontario since 1990 with his family.   Jim has had a keen interest in photography for decades.  Travelling in Alberta, Ontario and Western Europe has motivated Jim’s photography to examine nature and wildlife.  His photographs capture unique scenery illustrating both energy and calm atmospheres.  In the past several years, Jim has photographed scenery in the Magnetawan, Ontario area.  Here, he captured pictures of deer, blue herons and sunrises and sunsets.   Jim experiments with different types of moods illustrated through nature such as storms, waterfalls and misty scenes.   Jim loves to record his hiking adventures and explore the rugged country side with his camera.  Since 2016, Jim has joined two professional artists groups such as Society of York Region Artists, (SOYRA) and Art Society of King, (ASK).  These groups provide Jim with opportunities to display his photography in art shows locally at the Aurora Cultural Center, The Town Hall of Aurora and at the St. Andrew’s Golf Course.  Lastly, his photographs are framed professionally at a local art gallery.

Deborah Jolly, Canadian artist, uses alla-prima techniques, intense colour, and existential philosophies to create high-energy abstract artworks in oil and acrylic. Using fingers, palette knives, and the occasional brush, JOLLY denies structure and deliberation to expose texture and movement as her signature. A relentless creator, JOLLY embraces her instinctive, frenetic process, knowing that time is never truly on her side.

JOLLY’s works are held in Private Collections in Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver, Glasgow, New York, and Tokyo, as well as Commercial Collection, held in Montreal.

George Keltika spends much of the colder months at his easel painting landscapes depicting unconventional interpretations of his local environment. During milder weather, he dabbles in traditional plien air sketches in oil. He is a retired Head of Arts teacher (Pickering College in Newmarket). Originally from the Windsor Ontario area, George graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in 1979 and Bachelor of Education in 82’.  His diverse background includes working as a pictorial artist for an advertisement company to teaching life drawing at St. Clair Community College (Windsor) to teaching at a northern Ontario First Nations reserve (Sandy Lake). After university, he helped found Windsor’s first and only artist run gallery called Artcite that is still thriving after 36 years. Although George has been exhibiting his paintings for the past 40 years, time has now afforded him a opportunity to involve himself with the local art communities. A new body of work has recently emerged from his studio.

Maryam Khani was born in Tehran, Iran in 1979. She graduated from university with bachelor degree of engineering in 2002. She immigrated to Canada in late 2005 and continued with her education in Canada until she became a mother.  Her husband introduced her to the world of art and became her biggest supporter and encourager. Maryam loves to spend more time with her children and provide them with a safe, loving and learning environment. She changed her career and became an artist.  She believes world of art would give her confidence to portray her feelings and her thoughts, where she is able to provide safe and loving place for her boys to grow.  In January 2014, Maryam became a member of Kingcrafts in King City, Ontario where she started pottery and since then she’s been in several different pottery workshops. She continued her artistic work by learning watercolor in October 2016. So far, she has been at several art exhibitions to show her pottery works  and watercolor paintings in Canada.

Ona Kingdon  TWSA, CSPWC, is an elected member of the Canadian Society of Painters in Watercolour and a signature member of the Transparent Watercolor Society of America. She was selected as ‘one to watch’ by the popular Watercolor Artist Magazine in 2012 and has since won major awards both Nationally and Internationally and has had her work published in several art magazines and books. She loves to focus on the feeling or emotion when creating art and enjoys painting or drawing any subject matter that has an emotive element to it.

Chris Kingdon has always been fascinated by the intricate yet fragile natural world that can be found just a step outside one’s doorstep. To the largest of ecosystems to the smallest of insects, his photographs put a spotlight on this often overlooked beauty, and demonstrates just what we risk to loose if humankind doesn’t soon start better protecting and preserving the world around us.

Chris has exhibited in multiple juried art shows and won art and photography awards locally and internationally.

Sharon Kirsh is a North Toronto artist, who reconnected with her artistic roots, after pursuing careers in Interior Design and Corporate Training. Always pulled towards the creative life, Sharon offered workplace creativity seminars within the financial services industry, and then shifting further towards creativity when she became an interior designer. Now she works as a fine artist.  Sharon paints with thick transparent layers in cold wax on birch panels or paper. The rich textural surface of the work is enhanced by digging lines and scraping back to reveal what lies beneath. This creates a history, which adds to the depth and meaning of the work. Sharon also teaches fine art at various institutions across York Region, and her works can be found in various private and commercial collections throughout North America.

Janna Kozoub (painting under the pseudonym Joanna Ross) was born in Moscow, Russia, and came to Canada in the 90-ies. Moving to Canada gave her a unique vision that allows her to see the world from multi-cultural and multidimensional perspectives. Janna has three passions: nature, animals and art.  All her impressions are reflected in her art.  Her oil paintings cover a variety of subject matters: nature, human and animal portraits and, most importantly, human relationships.

Andrzej Krzysztoforski obtained a Master Degree from Academy of Art in Warsaw, Poland.  There he studied painting and graphic design.  Recipient New York Kosciusko Scholarship.   Worked fro Cranston Textile Co NY as designer and later as a senior designer for North Carolina PBS TV.  After moving to Canada worked as Art Director for several design companies.  Later became interested in children’s animation, children’s books illustration and painting.  Participant in many exhibitions and awards.

Melina Lisi is an abstract Resin artist, born and raised in Toronto. She moved to King Township in 1981 and is an active member of the Arts Society King.  Melina has participated in various juried shows, including the Schomberg Street Gallery event.  Melina had a long-time interest in the arts.  It was not until 2002 when she became afflicted with a chronic condition known as Trigeminal Neuralgia, a disorder which affects the facial nerves, that her passion for the arts was reignited.  One of the outlets she turned to was her love of contemporary art. Melina began to experiment with acrylic paint and then moved on to other various mediums including ink and Resin.  She describes her artistry as, “Creating my inner peace and becoming totally immersed with my creation. My concentration takes me away and my pain subs  ides. Art is my therapy.  Art fulfills me”.  She recalls a very spiritual mentor once told her, “You’ve been given a wonderful gift, one that must be shared”. Melina is self-taught and creates her paintings with various ediums, acrylics, inks and pigments, just to name a few, but it was Resin that captured her attention with its lustrous glasslike finish and 3-D effect.  She was captivated.

Greg Locke has been producing his own unique style of stained glass artwork since 1996. His Father picked up the hobby after he retired; after watching him make lamps and window catchers for friends and family, he tried making a simple lamp and liked it. Enjoying the result and challenge, and to compliment to his interest in furniture design and construction, he starting making more.

Vladimir Lopatin was born in Leningrad, Russia. He attained his Bachelor of Arts degree at the Academy of Arts and Design in Kharkov, Ukraine. He moved to Canada in 1997 and currently resides in Stouffville, Ontario. His interest and love of art began at childhood and has become a lifelong passion. He loves working in different mediums but he finds oil paintings and wood sculptures to be the ideal method of expression for his passion for art.

He paints and sculpts the world he lives in. Nature gives him an endless supply of forms and patterns for inspiration. His inspiration comes from the shadowing, curvature, shape, color, and texture of the wood itself. His art is stylized fantasy rather than realism. His work can be found in private collections in Ukraine, Russia, Yugoslavia, Germany, Australia, USA, and Canada.

Olena Lopatina was born in Ukraine and studied art at the Kharkov Academy of Art and Design. She moved to Canada in 1997and is now living in Stouffville, Ontario.

As a member of the Richmond Hill Group of Artists (RHGA) she has participated in numerous solo and group art shows at the Mill Pond Gallery.

Olena has participated in many Arts Society King exhibitions.

Helen Lucas’s prolific career, spanning over five decades, has produced deeply personal insights into her life – from the darkly fearful and repressed figures of the formative years, to icons, mischievous angels, flowers and doves – each spiritually linked to the last.To the many already familiar with Helen Lucas’ floral paintings of the last three decades, you’ll be anticipating the burst of life and colour she brings to the canvas. To those who have yet to learn about this remarkable artist and the special gift she possesses, you will easily come to understand how Helen Lucas has arrived today as one of Canada’s most loved and distinguished floral artists.

Bill Lunshof was born in Hamilton, Ontario in 1957, Bill grew up in a Dutch immigrant family and had an interest in the visual arts from an early age. Also an avid gardener and photographer Bill’s art takes much of his inspiration from nature. For the past five years Bill has been painting with a group of like minded artists at the Newmarket School of Fine Arts where he learned to paint in Acrylics.  In the last two years Bill began painting in oils and experienced an ‘aha’ moment when he realized how much he enjoyed the ability to more easily blend colours and get the nuances of the natural world expressed on canvas. Bill also loves to work with paper and explore the world of collage and multimedia. He prints and makes many of his own unique papers and blends these with other media and ink transfers for one-of-a-kind artworks. In 2015 Bill joined the Society Of York Region Artists and became active within the organization.  Bill now co-ordinates the quarterly Aurora Town Hall rotation of artworks that SOYRA sponsors.

Jamie MacLean is a Canadian landscape artist. He has exhibited in hundreds of juried shows.

Trudy Maresch has been hand crafting beaded jewelry for almost 15 years. From everyday casual wear to extravagant bridal pieces, Trudy designs and weaves necklaces, bracelets, earrings and accessories. She loves experimenting to create original forms and textures. For her, bead weaving is a form of meditative art, expression and creativity. In addition to bead weaving, she also weaves wire and chainmaille into her jewelry pieces. Trudy teaches jewelry making privately and in workshops, and provides repairs and/or remodels to costume jewelry.

Ann Murray Livingstone is a graduated of the University of Toronto and Sheridan College with Honours and has her B. A., in Art and Art History. Ann’s medium is oil and she specializes in landscapes, horses and animals. She quilts saddlepads and considers herself a ‘horsewoman’.  Ann is also the Art Director at Cantercall Farms Riding Art Summer Camp.

Robert McAffee is a professional Canadian landscape artist, photographer and traveler. He left the Toronto Dominion Bank Financial Group (TDBFG) in 2009 after 12 years, to pursue his passion and dedicate himself full-time to travelling Canada to paint its dramatic landscapes and share them with the world. His paintings portray an intimate vision of the Canadian wilderness that’s alive, brooding and rhythmic. With their backdrop of endless northern skies, his canvasses sing with poetic vigour and blaze with the vibrant colours of nature.

Janet McLeod Wortel is an artist with roots in commercial illustration and peculiar academic arts training from Western University. Currently living in a rural home near King City, Janet works on both graphic design and illustration projects, as well as painting for personal enjoyment. Janet’s main media are digital art in Adobe Illustrator, ink sketches with watercolour washes, and acrylic paint. If you have time to kill, Janet is always willing to talk about plein air art, the McMichael gallery and sketching people in pubs or public places. Just be prepared to be in a sketch yourself.

Veronica Melocheis an artist working in painting and pottery. She received her Honours BFA from York University in 1995 where she studied drawing and painting. In 2001 she received her  Masters of Teaching, Visual Arts from Griffith University in Australia. She began dabbling in pottery in 2010 and has become more and more intrigued by the medium. Her functional ceramic forms and mixed media paintings are inspired by her love of the outdoors, her garden and her family. She currently teaches secondary school art and ceramics in York Region.

Mary Morganelli immigrated from Italy where her love for art developed at an early age.  Her artwork was put aside to start a family, but recently she revived her passion by taking private lessons.  She adores painting whatever inspires her, including portraits, landscapes, flowers, animals, automobiles, and more. Using an array of mediums, her therapeutic creations tell stories, express emotions, and some are just for fun.  For Mary, variety is the spice of life.

Nancy Newman, a retired art teacher and practising artist, has studied and taken workshops with wonderful Canadian artists including David McEown, Karin Isenburg, Brian Atyeo, Linda Kemp, Art Cunanan, Pauline Holancin, Jake Mol, Margaret Roseman, Barry Coombs, John David Anderson, Elisabeth A. Gibson, Jean Pederson and Gordon Mackenzie. In addition she has been fortunate to work with well-known American and international artists such as Stephen Quiller, Janet Rogers, Tom Lynch, Sterling Edwards, Karen Vernon, and Alvaro Castagnet.  Nancy has participated in many juried shows including the Toronto Watercolour Society’s Aquavision, Art Aurora, and the Society of York Region Artists, where she has received several 1st Place Awards, Honourable Mentions and People’s Choice Awards. Nancy’s work has been exhibited at the Aurora Cultural Centre, The Colleen Abbot Gallery, the Papermill Gallery in Toronto, The Blue Mountain Foundation of the Arts, the Skylight Gallery in Aurora, Nielson Park Creative Centre, the Georgina Arts Centre and The J. D. Carrier Gallery.

Hoda Nicholas is a Canadian artist born in Cairo, Egypt and currently lives in Newmarket, Ontario. Hoda uses colours expressively and vibrantly to capture moments in time highlighting the beauty in a flower, a landscape, a pear or a child’s face. Hoda’s intention is to evoke a feeling, rather than depicting a realistic representation of the subject, allowing the viewer to interact with the paintings at a more emotional level. The subject might vary but the end goal is always to inspire a sense of joy and beauty through each painting. Pursuing art is an ongoing journey for Hoda filled with excitement and anticipation of what each painting will bring forth.

Hendrika Ono (Ria) is a versatile artist who enjoys working in a broad range of mediums and styles through the exploration of wood burning and oil painting on wooden panels.

John Panopoulos lives in Lloydtown, King Township who has been a working artist for over thirty five years in a multi-faceted design career with a diverse arts background. His creative imagination and skills have forged the next evolution of his unique design creations. John brings sophistication and a high standard of craftsmanship to every one of a kind, monolithic stone piece he creates.Inspired by several pivotal journeys to Iceland, Ireland and Greece each piece is an exceptional, exclusive collection, uniquely created as a sculptural focal point to evoke surreal and lyrical expressions.“I like surprising people with a familiar object in a evocative placement” says John.  His creations include, large water features, immense stone benches, focal garden features, entrance tables, coffee tables and more. Each sculptural piece is formulated with an alchemy of materials to achieve the look and feel of real stone at a fraction of the weight, that is strong and all weather resistant making it logistically easier to place in any desired space.

Karen Pasieka is a self-taught polymer clay artist from Richmond Hill, ON.  As a young girl, she was drawn to art and craft of multiple disciplines, but found herself continually called back to clay.  She enjoyed the experience of working with her hands, and creating three dimensional pieces.  It was her dual interest in design and math that led her to complete her Bachelor of Architecture degree from the University of Toronto, followed by 5 plus years of industry experience.  She then left that field in search of work that would give her more creative control and fulfillment, utilizing those skills learned through her education and work experience to launch her business, Subtle Details in 2007.

Liina Peacock was born and raised in Toronto and currently resides in King City, Ontario.  She is a respected, self-taught contemporary , mixed media artist, who primarily works on canvas.  In recent years she has participated in many juried art shows and group exhibitions in and around Toronto.  Her works are found in both private and corporate collections, and she continues to create one of a kind original works of art for shows, galleries and, online auctions.

Dorita Peer is a writer, poet, artist and more. Dorita was one of the founding members of write now @ King! way back in 2007. Many years later she is still a vital member, and a strong supporter of other writers in the group. She suggests creative ways for them to hone their craft, always focusing on their particular style or strength. She is a strong role model, reading excerpts from her own memoir, her novel, screenplays, essays, and poems. Dorita is a regular contributor to King’s MOSAiC Magazine and she is on the editorial Board.

Dominick Petrungaro began exploring his interest in photography and film as early as grade school and his photographs have appeared in Toronto newspapers and magazines. He specializes in portraiture, landscape, and architectural. He is also a freelance photographer whose work includes; Justin Trudeau’s campaign trail in Ontario, Cadbury Canada, Parkinson Society Canada, Ashley’s Angels, Sick Kids Hospital, Art World Fine Art,The Breast Cancer Society of Canada, Systems Interactive, Clean Farm, The Arrowhead Inn and Artemis Boutique.

Silvia Phillips has been creating in various forms throughout her professional and personal life. Thanks to the encouragement of local artists and friends, this mostly self-taught artist only recently started to exhibit in art shows.  Her favourite medium is oil, and her paintings are her response to what she sees and feels around her, repeated in form and colour.  Silvia was born in Germany and now makes her home in Schomberg, ON.

Ivanka Pipinikova mainly paints with oils. Figures of people have always been a source of inspiration for her. She hopes that through her work, she can convey the feeling and mood of a moment in a way that the viewer can become a part of it. Constantly growing and evolving as an artist, Ivanka aims to create beautiful, impactful art. She has exhibited her paintings at various Juried Art Shows and Art exhibitions.

Lucy Quin is a native of Colombia, and she grew up enjoying the mountains and the tropical beaches where she found a great appreciation for nature. In high school she was interested in many forms of art and later, when she received a degree in Architecture, her passion for art focussed on oil painting. After graduating, she attended private classes with different teachers and also participated in numerous workshops to improve the technique.  Although she is known for her depictions of landscapes and still life, Lucy’s work is very diverse and includes a wide variety of subjects. Her richly colored style has afforded her the opportunity of showing her work in private collections and shows in Bogota, Florida and Canada.

Anne Reimer’s paintings show a remarkable sense of colour, love, and understanding of nature. Her inspirations come from the beauty of area scenes and travels, depicting barns, mills, and capturing still life from her garden. Over the past 25 years, she has exhibited in a variety of shows and galleries. Her works are displayed in many homes in Canada, the United States, and many other countries.  She spends many hours in her home studio, painting for shows and filling commissions, as well as teaching. Her love for art grows with each painting as she seeks to fulfill her ambition.

Michele Rose was born just outside of London, England, in the beautiful rolling hills of Essex County, and has been using her creative forces from the young age of ten. In 1982, she moved to Canada and studied at Ontario College of Art. Michele experimented with many styles and media throughout her post graduate years. She soon discovered her one true love, painting inspirational landscapes, florals and abstract works.  Her paintings depict the quaintness of Michele’s homeland while celebrating the vastness of Canada’s beauty. Her primary goal is to create peaceful, calming landscapes, into which the viewer can escape from the hectic demands of everyday life.

Clare Ross has been showing and selling her work internationally since 2008. Her work has been reviewed in magazines in Canada and in England. She periodically opens her studio for tours and exhibitions. In 2012, Clare joined ASK and in 2014, she was one of 12 artists juried into the Ontario Society of Artists (OSA). She is currently the Vice President of the OSA. In 2016 she received an honourable mention from the Society of Canadian Artists for her piece titled “Soft Sunrise.” She currently shows in juried and other group shows and privately to interested buyers. She is working on two photographic projects for 2017: “Conversations with Nature” – an interpretation of our interference with nature, and a yet to be titled project focusing on the declining population of butterflies. Clare has a presence in social media and you can follow her work on Facebook and Instagram.

Diana Russo is an artist who loves to paint portraits and fun scenes of people interacting.  Her passion blossoms from her love of growing up in rural Ontario … summer days at the beach and fishing in the northern lakes.  She returned to her roots, Lloydtown, King Township, 35 years ago.  Diana’s preferred mediums are oil, acrylic, and charcoal.  She enjoys painting what is in her heart and created from personal experiences and hopes that you enjoy her work.

Josée Savaria was formally trained as a graphic designer in Montréal, Josée subsequently discovered the tremendous liberation found in expressing her imagination and projecting her unique whimsical imagery on surfaces using the power of texture and colours. She is particularly captivated by marine life and her art is influenced by the endless variety of form and function found in the creatures that inhabit the blue planet: turtles, seahorses, starfish, fish…The marine world and its power profoundly move her, and its variety and mystery infuse her with a deep sense of awe. Integrating and adapting the varied facets of colour and material, she endeavours to vividly portray the sea and its creatures. The end results are fanciful, stylized and vibrant ocean views presented as landscapes and seascapes: the dynamic edge where the terrestrial world meets the marine.  Josée resides in Newmarket, Ontario and her paintings are currently held in corporate and private collections around the world, including Europe, Austral-Asia, Japan, and South and North America.

Mary Shaver, for as long as she can remember, art has been part of her life.  She became a Roman Catholic nun in 1958 at the age of sixteen but left the order and that structure ten years later in 1968.  At that time, she entered a period of great creativity and productivity. She wrote and recited poetry, created drawings, paintings and collages, had solo exhibitions and wrote three books: Moments (a book of poetry), The Naked Nun (an autobiography} and A Woman Alone (a novel). She began to revisit her own creative process in earnest, first producing playful collages and then, in 2013 beginning to paint acrylic on canvas paintings. She was welcomed into The West End Art Collective in 2015 and have participated in the annual ART TOUR four times from 2015 until 2018 along with some group exhibitions. Now retired from teaching, Mary joyfully and gratefully dedicates her time to painting.

Steve Silverman. A native of Toronto, Canada, Steve Silverman is a Canadian award-winning, fine art photographer with a keen and unique artistic vision. His love and passion for black and white photography are reflected in his dramatic landscapes and engaging cityscapes from across Canada and abroad.
Steve’s photos are visual metaphors. An intimate, interpretive view of the world around him. An implied comparison creating a link between the mundane and the sublime. He uses strong tonal contrast, texture and mood to express his artistic vision. His photos are easily recognizable by his use of strong leading lines combined with the interplay of light and shadows to create depth, giving a two-dimensional image the illusion of three dimensions. Simple put, he can transform a simple, mundane scene into a compelling black & white fine art photograph. Steve’s photos have been published in many international books and magazines. He is also a guest speaker at local camera clubs. Steve works with several Canadian art galleries and publishers on a variety of corporate and home decor fine art projects.

Stephen Sloan – Photographer
A lifelong photography enthusiast. I hope my work brings you some of the joy I have found in creating it.
I enjoy the entire process of creating a photographic print, from the press of the shutter all the way through to the translation to print media. I have worked with both film and digital, in the dark room and in front of my computer. I like to work with various print media and my interest in subjects and techniques varies greatly as I enjoy constantly learning and challenging myself. While I strive to satisfy my need to express myself with every image that reaches the printed stage, to deliver an image that also evokes an emotional response, prompts a memory or even inspires a viewer is an even greater reward.

Catharine Somerville was born in Canada and lives both in the UK and Canada. Her work has won major awards and is in public and private collections throughout the world.
Primarily a colourist, it is Catharine’s aim to touch the emotional chords in the viewer with her unique colour pallet.
She works in all media and subject matter.

Holly Speers’ passion for clay started 30 years ago when she joined The Richmond Hill Potters Guild.  Since then, she has taken many workshops as well as attended George Brown College and The Koffler Centre for the Arts.  Holly taught pottery to seniors for the North York Board of Education for eight years and at CACY (Caledon Art Camp) for five years.  She now creates wheel thrown functional pieces and teaches classes in her studio, inspired by her garden, pets and wild, unruly property.

Karola Steinbrecher is a Canadian fine art painter based in Toronto. Her award winning pieces are lively and expressive, delivered in very intense colors, on exciting, rich backgrounds. Karola’s work achieves a fresh new approach on traditional abstract and floral depictions. She exhibits frequently and her art has been purchased to private and corporate collections in Canada, the U.S.A and Europe.

Cheryl Uhrig is an accomplished artist and like her cartoons and children’s book illustrations, Cheryl’s vibrant oil and acrylic paintings each tell a story. Her paintings invite you in for another look. Each slice is designed to invoke an emotion, a memory -or just make you smile. Life is full of slice.

Phyllis Vernon paints in a variety of media and styles – her art is an exciting and constantly changing event as she explores and experiments with her love of colour, texture, light, form, media, and a wide variety of subjects.  Originally a watercolour artist, she has broadened her scope to include acrylics, inks, graphite, collage and hand-pulled prints, blending realism and abstraction.  Phyllis travels extensively and often paints from  her photographs and sketches. She has participated in workshops with professional artists in Canada, United States, France and Spain, as well as extensive reading and research on her own.  She accepts commissions and delights clients by capturing in paint a favourite location, often an ancestral home in Europe.

Tom Walker is a local and respected teacher in King Township.  His ‘Jazz Project’ offers a traditional jazz ensemble in the style of jazz from 1945 – today, the Project features various guest soloist from month to month.

Frank Westcott says music and writing are the pillars in his professional life. He sings, writes, make songs, writes lyrics and plays guitar and drums, keyboard and piano. He likes to write short stories, philosophical pieces, plays, fiction of all kinds and poetry. And recently he just finished writing a musical comedy, romantic at that! for musical theatre. In addition Frank is the winner, Gloria Vanderbilt/Exile Short Fiction Award, 2011 and Finalist, Gwendolyn MacEwen Poetry Prize, 2014.

Lynn Wilson lives and paints in her home studio in King City. Strong, bold colours on large canvas (florals, abstracts and streetscapes) in acrylic and mixed media or hand painting on silk were typically her media of choice but started Altered Book Journaling and Intuitive painting in the Fall 2017, incorporating many mediums including acrylics, metallics, iridescents, inks, graphite, calligraphy and collage. Lynn also takes ideas from her intuitive pieces from her Altered Book Journal and transfers those images over to large canvas also. Having shown her work in many juried art shows, live art events and Studio Tours since 2002, Lynn now teaches both live and online art classes and is an active participating member of Arts Society King and SOYRA -Society of York Region Artist.

Darlene J. Winfield has traveled the world extensively and while living abroad spent time drawing and studying art and art history.  Her passion to travel allowed her to visit some of the most important galleries and museums around the world.  The experience of living abroad in Mexico and Indonesia has brought her to a new understanding of the world and our place in it.  The main focus of her art is the Canadian landscape done through representational painting.  Landscape to her, represents our world, our responsibility.

Tom Wray’s medium is photography and his inspiration comes from outdoors. He captures images of landscapes, waterscapes and flowers, turning them into compelling pictures that have an almost painterly quality about them – hence the name Images Photo Art.  When Tom takes a photograph, he thinks about composition, angle, light and atmosphere. The finished picture might be soft and dreamy, or bright and cheerful. His intention is to evoke an emotion; it might be calming, exciting or mysterious. Maybe it conjures the memory of a previous experience. And sometimes his images will pose the question “What is that?” provoking a sense of curiosity.

Michelle Zikovitz has been weaving functional baskets for over 20 years and teaching for the past 15 years, throughout southern Ontario. Her early weaving years were spent at her 2 floor looms focusing on woven tapestries, rugs, placemats and runners. A basketry workshop taught by a fellow guild member, a love of baskets and the ability to weave baskets almost anywhere all led to a new found passion of basket weaving.  Reed is her personal material of choice for teaching, incorporating her own hand dyed reed whenever possible. Michelle enjoys experimenting with random dyed or “space dyed” skeins of reed, creating many unique colour combinations and resulting in truly one of a kind baskets.  When not basket weaving or working, Michelle dabbles in photography, sewing, fibre arts and various painting mediums. She loves to explore and find local basket weavers, artists, shops and galleries on her travels.