MOSAiC Magazine

Available Now Summer 2020

in the King Weekly Sentinel community newspaper. Also available at area cafes, arena’s and municipal buildings.

Future 2020 Issues

Fall – September 3,  Winter – November 26

Showcasing all that is special about living in King Township

MOSAiC, published quarterly, highlights arts and cultural events, festivals, and community activities in King and its surrounding neighbourhoods.  Each issue features the work of an ASK artist on the cover including an interview and article by one of our local writers.  Both new and published writers and photographers explore and report on what makes King so special.  It is delivered to homes in the Township with the King Weekly Sentinel  ~ you can also pick it up at local businesses, libraries, municipal buildings, coffee shops, etc.

Recent MOSAiC Issues

MOSAiC Magazine Summer 2020
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